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Miami Beach Art for the New House

3 Jan

sheisajackofalltrades is getting a new home! My husband and I just bought a wonderful new house in Miami, but that means we’re leaving the beach, which has been our home for the past 2 1/2 years. I’m so excited about the new house- we’ve been working hard on it, cleaning, getting it all ready to move in. I will, however, greatly miss living on Miami Beach. It’s such a great city. It’s full of great restaurants, cool hotels, fun free activities, a bike share we use a lot, and so much else that we’re really going to miss.

So we decided a few weeks ago to take a bike ride down to Ocean Drive and take pictures of a lot of the old art deco hotels down there. Art Deco is my favorite type of architecture, and I thought it would be fun to bring a piece of Miami Beach in our new house… here are the three we’ve chosen to frame.

Wonky Log Cabin block

16 Oct

I had so much fun making my string quilt– I’m a fan of quilting that is a departure from really traditional fabrics and patterns. They’re fun, and a little wild, especially for a kid.

I found this link on patchworkdelights, and I decided to make a similar one for my new niece. Here’s the first block I tried with the blue fabrics…. thoughts?

I shall call you the lemonade quilt

10 Oct

Because you know that whole cliche, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade? That’s this quilt for me. For some unknown reason, quilting this sucker has been much harder than my other quilts. I think it might be because I’m using the plain orange background, and it’s a lot easier to see the quilting lines than it is to see them on the busy backing fabric I’m used to.

I started things off with grid-ed quilting lines on the top, got frustrated, and decided to just make them random. So the top about 1/3 of the quilt has grids, the bottom is just random lines. I kinda like it!


And when deciding on the binding, Andy and I thought it would be fun to use the leftover squares from the layer cake, cut it up in strips, and make a super cute (although a bit busy) binding.

Char got her little nose stuck in there to check it out. She seems to approve 🙂

On to trimming the quilt and sewing on the binding!

A Retro Christmas Quilt

28 Dec

While strolling the aisles of Joann Fabric recently, I saw this, the Alexander Henry Retro Christmas Fabric. And I had to have it.

I bought it and actually built the quilt around it. I made it for my mom, who loves Christmas more than most things. My one challenge to making it was that I wanted the back to be really Christmas-y, but the front to be something she could keep out year round. So I settled with 8 different shades of green, 4 whites, and 4 yellows. That’s what was going on in this formula writing back a few weeks ago.

And here’s the front:

With a pieced backing of some pieces from the front:

And with some festive lime green binding:

And last but not least, some Charlotte action…. her admiring the final product, after sitting all over it while I sewed on the binding. She certainly makes it more difficult to work….. but she’s just too cute.

Quilted Table Runner

22 Dec

I can finally reveal what was going on when I wrote this entry.

I was making a quilted table runner for  a dear friend for Christmas. I sent it to her back in November as a Secret Santa gift exchange. I wanted to make sure she had it in time to decorate. In effort to make it even more useful, I made one side Christmas and one side that will work all year round.

The Christmas side

With a close up

The year round side

With a closeup

I used orange thread to quilt the year round side, and green to quilt the Christmas side. I absolutely love the way it turned out- it’s so handy! It was also really easy and fun to make- you may recognize a lot of the fabric on the orange/yellow/blue side from Claire’s quilt– I had a lot of leftover scraps. Really the only thing I had to buy was the Christmas side. I chose the grey to tie into both sides and use for a binding as something neutral.

And to wrap this up- Char wearing it like a saddle!

They’re in the mail!

10 Dec

I finished my oh-so-cute baby quilts this morning, and it was off to the post office to send them to Andy. The babies were born last week, and I’ve seen pictures- they’re seriously cute. And pretty sizable for twins!

Not one to send ugly mail, I made sure to wrap them nicely before sending them off:

Again, I’m going to sing the praises of charm packs. They make quilting really easy- cute combination of colors and fabrics, and no cutting.

The final quilts:




The backs of both of them together:

And both fronts (with my favorite quilting assistant)

Signed, with love, from Tia Andy. The proud dad is from Chile, and Andy wanted to incorporate the Chilean flag into the label.


Andy, I hope everyone loves them!

A sneak peek

2 Nov

I’m working on something really cute as a gift for someone…. but I think she reads my blog, so I’m not posting much detail. I will, however, share with you this spoiler.