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A change in craftiness pace

19 Dec

I, along with pretty much all crafters, have gotten pretty addicted to Pinterest. It’s really an amazing way to organize all your ideas, other peoples ideas, and come up with new cool things to make.

I ran across this pin the other day, of this:

Cute, right?

So I decided to make my own, inspired by that:


It may be tweaked a bit, but I’m pretty stoked about how it came out.


Go Gators Go Packers quilt is finished!

17 Dec

As promised, here are the pictures I took today

The front:

The back:

A close up to the quilting – I outlined the grey sashing on the blocks, as well around the block on the inside. So it’s a little wonky, but it matches the front nicely. I’m a big fan.

And the tag… they’re keeping her name a secret, so I just left a place for me to write her name in later when she’s born (February! WooHoo!)

Other things I like about this quilt : the solid color sashing, but with a fun corner using all four colors. The bright green back – I originally wanted grey, but I am really happy I went with something bright. How fun and random it is. And lastly… I enjoy the fact that I burned through a lot of my scraps 🙂


The joys of a freshly washed quilt

15 Dec

My favorite part of finishing a quilt is taking it out of the dryer, when the fabric shrinks up and it looks a little more worn and ready to cuddle with. I just took the quilt I made for my niece out of the dryer, & I’m in love with it. I’ll take more pictures this weekend, but here’s a sneak peek 🙂