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One day, I’ll make my own

23 Oct

I’ve still never made a quilt to keep for myself. I always want to make off with pretty much every quilt I’ve ever made, and this one is no exception.

The Wonky Log Cabin Go Gators/Go Packers quilt is coming along wonderfully. After a lot of thought, I decided to lay the blocks out diagonally, with grey sashing in between.

The yellow row is up next, and I’m deciding if I should do orange in the other corner, or make new blocks that are all of the colors combined. Thoughts?


Wonky Blocks Continue

16 Oct

The weather in Miami Beach has looked a lot like this lately

Rain and nastiness. Perfect weather for this

While watching this

BTW- I’ve been waiting for years for this show to be on DVD, now it’s streaming on Netflix. My TV life is complete

And my resulting efforts look like this:

I’m quite pleased how my Go Gators, Go Packers quilt is turning out!

The very symmetrical loving pattern side of me is cringing looking at these blocks, but the side of me that hates measuring seams and exact sizes of strips and blocks is loving it. I’m going to work on the green one next, and figure out how I want to lay out the pattern. But Charlotte is begging me to sit with her and finish up reading my book, so I really should oblige.

Wonky Log Cabin block

16 Oct

I had so much fun making my string quilt– I’m a fan of quilting that is a departure from really traditional fabrics and patterns. They’re fun, and a little wild, especially for a kid.

I found this link on patchworkdelights, and I decided to make a similar one for my new niece. Here’s the first block I tried with the blue fabrics…. thoughts?

A new little girl!

16 Oct

I found out the spectacular news yesterday that I’m going to be an aunt to a new little baby girl in March. So, of course, out came the fabric stash. I’m attempting to make this a stash busting quilt since I have a huge basket of fabric on my desk. I kind of have a fabric addiction. My brother is a Gator fan, sister in law is a huge Packers fan, so I’ve decided on orange, blue, green & yellow. I think I have enough of that….


I might have to buy a little more yellow, but I should be set. Can’t wait to see this baby!

I have lemonade!

11 Oct

I finished what I lovingly called the Lemonade Quilt yesterday. Thanks to the fact that  my company observes Columbus Day, I had the day off and spent the majority of it sewing with Charlotte. Although she is of absolutely no help in the sewing process, she’s so darn cute that I have to let her sit on the quilt while binding it, smooshed up against me. Sigh. I love my dog.

I loved the way it turned out. I was a bit hesitant about the binding, worried that it would look too  busy, but I think busy was the right look for this quilt.

The front:

The back:

Close up of the binding:

The tag:

And lastly, Charlotte admiring her my handiwork.

I shall call you the lemonade quilt

10 Oct

Because you know that whole cliche, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade? That’s this quilt for me. For some unknown reason, quilting this sucker has been much harder than my other quilts. I think it might be because I’m using the plain orange background, and it’s a lot easier to see the quilting lines than it is to see them on the busy backing fabric I’m used to.

I started things off with grid-ed quilting lines on the top, got frustrated, and decided to just make them random. So the top about 1/3 of the quilt has grids, the bottom is just random lines. I kinda like it!


And when deciding on the binding, Andy and I thought it would be fun to use the leftover squares from the layer cake, cut it up in strips, and make a super cute (although a bit busy) binding.

Char got her little nose stuck in there to check it out. She seems to approve 🙂

On to trimming the quilt and sewing on the binding!