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Something that looks easy… but isn’t

24 Aug

I volunteered to help my friend Genesis make a tshirt quilt. She’s about to move to California (SAD!), and wanted to do something with all her old softball, UM, and Apple tshirts she had lying around.

She asked if I could help… I said of course- but only if you come over and do the cutting with me. Because nobody likes cutting.

Turns out t-shirt quilts are harder to make than I expected. She confirmed with me that it would be more than acceptable if it wasn’t quite squared off, it was just meant to have something to cuddle on the couch

Nobody likes sewing knits to quilting fabric. Nobody, of course, but Charlotte.


The Fastest Quilt Top EVER

9 Aug

This has to be a record for me- two sewing sessions, minimal cutting, and I’ve already finished my quilt top. I am now going to profess my love for the precut fabric packs. I really hate cutting fabric, so it takes the least fun part of the quilting process away. The Zoo Alphabet was a layer cake I bought from Fat Quarter Shop. They seem to be out of them now- looks like I got in just in time! While I’m gushing, I’m going to gush about the awesomeness that is the Fat Quarter Shop. Their selection is amazing, they ship quickly, and they have great customer service. (This is my review, by the way. I’m not being paid or compensated by the Fat Quarter Shop to sing their praises)

I LOVE the fact that I made this quilt without a strict pattern. Besides being way easier to not have to worry about corners matching up, I think it just looks so cute. Since it’s such a busy print, I figure a busy pattern would be fun too. My husband told me last night when he got home that it’s his favorite quilt top I’ve done!

And- born somewhat out of necessity, there’s one fun, wonky block. The grid print of the animals was crooked in one of them, so I improvised.

I’m going to visit Andy in a few weeks (YAY!), so we’re going to figure out what sort of backing and binding to put on this guy.

Lots of patterns (without a pattern!)

8 Aug

I’ve never been one to color outside of the lines when it comes to arts and crafts. I’m usually a big fan of symmetry. I started the Zoo Alphabet quilt with a pattern in mind, but it just didn’t fit once I got the fabric. So I’m improvising. And I’m actually making a quilt where corners don’t match and lines aren’t quite square. Here’s what I have so far! I know it might not seem like a big deal, but it really is a new step for me 🙂


Getting Busy

6 Aug

As previously noted, lots of new babies are coming my way soon. In fact, I found out yesterday that my brother and his wife are expecting! I’ve already sketched out their quilt, but in the meantime, I’ve started another one.

My dear friend Andy, the one who I made It’s a Hoot and Tweet, Tweet for last year, has another friend who is going to be a new dad, and of course, this new baby needs a quilt. I got the fabric in the mail today, Zoo Alphabet Soup– and it is CUTE.

Here’s a little sneak preview 🙂