Jack’s Baby Quilt

22 Jun

I seem to be having loads of friends who are bringing new little ones into the world. The latest was baby Jack, and he was the lucky recipient of a new quilt for his birthday.


You will likely notice the repeat of a handful of fabrics from my previous quilts. What can I say- I like recycling. I found a diamond shaped ruler at JoAnn’s a few months ago, and have been waiting to use it for awhile. I like the way it turned out!

As a bit of a departure from my usual backing, I decided to make the most of all the scraps I had. I didn’t have quite enough to make the backing out of one fabric, but I thought it would be fun to piece some good, matching stuff together to make the back. Jack’s room is decorated in green and blue, with alligators, so I knew this would fit right in.


And I finished it off with one more shade of green. Baby Jack- I do hope you enjoy your new quilt!

I will say- one thing I learned from this quilt is that patterns like those circles don’t really lend themselves to easy quilting. It’s really a huge pain to keep a straight cut, no matter how careful you are with the ruler and rotary cutter. I do LOVE the way the fabric looks, but I’m going to keep that in mind for the future. I’ll need to buy a little extra fabric for stuff like that, or just skip that kind of print altogether.

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