Quilting and Binding

2 Nov

This part was very fun for me, because I like being able to see scraps of fabric begin to take the shape of an actual quilt… I also like being able to use a foot on my sewing machine that I previously had no clue what it was used for.

Meet my walking foot.

I decided to quilt in diagonal lines across the quilt top, stitch in the ditch along the blue border, and use straight lines in along the outer border of the quilt. I’d never quilted before, so dealing with the shear bulk of the fabric was a bit challenging, but I figured out how to deal with it pretty easily. As I moved along, I took the safety pins out as soon as I reached one in the quilting process. It took me awhile to finish, but I got on quite the roll quilting the top. Luckily my walking foot has a neat little arm that goes in the back of it that helps with the guide lines for sewing each row.

My quilting progress

After I finished off the quilting, I had to square off the edges and trim all the excess off.

I would write a tutorial all about binding the quilt, but I found an amazing one on Above All Fabric that does a much better job than I would. I stayed up until 2am binding the quilt. Although it was tedious work, it wasn’t as difficult as it was mainly just time consuming.

Next time…. the finished quilt is revealed!

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