Catching up

31 Oct

So. My quilt has already been finished and gifted, which means I’m behind on the updates here. After finishing the back of the quilt, I packed everything up and left for my class at the Quilt Scene, the great store where I’ve been taking all my classes.

We covered the basics of pinning the quilt. I like working at the store because of the big table and lots of space that is available. And, as much as I love Charlotte, she can make sewing a tad difficult. We started by taping the back of the quilt to the table with masking tape.

I layered the batting on top of the fabric, then placed the top of the quilt on top of the pile. I then pinned the three layers together, with several inches between each pin.

We were assigned homework to cut the binding. Binding needs to be at least 2.25 inches wide, cut on the bias, at a 45 degree angle. After cutting all of that, I was totally on the down hill stretch.

Cut 1- after squaring off the fabric, make the first 45 degree angle.

Measure off 2.25 inches on that angle, and cut the second strip. Continue until there’s enough to go around the border of the quilt, plus an extra foot or so.

(I switched colors midstream and decided to go with orange instead of the blue.)

The strips then have to be sewn together at an angle, and pressed down the center.

Next up, the quilting and binding, by far the most time consuming part of the quilting.


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