3 Oct

I found a solution to my fabric shortage. As Ashley pointed out in the comments, I will usually have to piece together quilts anyway, since most fabric doesn’t come wide enough to accommodate large quilts. Since this is a small quilt, I wasn’t anticipating having to piece the back, but I’m glad I did because I actually love the way it turned out.

Not only does it look cute, I also got to do a little fabric recycling. When I cut the initial blocks, I actually had several of each color left over. I also had a few random scraps left of the border fabric. So I drew a diagram of how I wanted the fabric to lay, cut my backing fabric, sewed together my scrappy blocks and strips, and ended up with a very cute back.

I really like the way it ties the front design with the back design. Next up for our next class- I bought the batting and safety pins, and we’re going to learn about quilting it and sewing the binding.

(I think she likes it! 🙂 )


One Response to “Recycling”

  1. Ashley October 4, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    Cute! Good job!

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