And we’re back!

29 Sep

We had a brief break in our class- we skipped last Wednesday, and we were back to our regular schedule today. Miami Beach has been under either tropical storm/tropical depression watch all day, so it’s been one of those days when I just want to hang out and do nothing. So that’s what I did- after class this morning, I came home to Charlotte and we sewed while catching up on TV.

So the task at hand today was to add the borders to the quilt, which is going to finish up the top. Our book advised to cut strips 2.5 inches wide for the inner border and 5.5 inches wide for the outer border. They also gave a length, but I just kept them all the same length with the intention to cut them to the correct length later. Good call on my part.

In order to determine the correct length, the quilt needs to be folded in half, and the width measured from that mid point of the fold. Then two strips need to be cut at that length- one for the top, one for the bottom. I didn’t get the importance of that until our teacher explained it- there’s a chance that the top and bottom might not be the exact same size, so that’s the part where it could be straightened out. Pin the quilt top in the middle (on the fold) and on the fold of the border fabric once it’s cut to size. Pin it, right sides together, starting in the center. Then pin on the edges, and several more times along the edge.

Sew along the edges with a 1/4 inch seam. I did the top inner border, then the bottom inner border, then finished with the sides. I repeated it with the outer border. I finished by pressing the seams down so they were nice and flat.

Due to the terrible weather outside today, I had to take the final picture on our bed. Click it to enlarge to see the details!

And since no post is complete without my helper, here’s Charlotte all wrapped up.

My shopping list for next weeks class is the batting, safety pins, and backing fabric (which I already have). I’m anxious to see what’s next.


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