Quilting, Step Two

13 Sep

Charlotte would like to take the reins on todays teaching. She learned a great deal while helping me sew last night.

Step 1- Get a pretty dog to sit on your lap while you work. But make sure she’s well behaved enough to not get all up in your business while you’re sewing. Example below. Try tying a scrap of fabric around her neck to amplify her awesomeness.

Step 2- Decide what order you want the fabric in. I’ve decided to place the darkest fabric in the center, with the two lighter strips on the top and bottom. We’ll follow suit with all of the fabric colors.

The strips were cut have a 1/4 inch seam allowance for each seam. My sewing machine has a 1/4 inch foot, as well as a 1/4 inch mark on the machine. But I also have a little quilting ruler that allows me to double check the 1/4 inch mark. I checked before I started sewing, then did several spot checks throughout the sewing process.

Our class instructor advised us to use a medium/neutral grey color for the thread, because it blends in with most fabric choices and doesn’t require frequent thread changes.

This is my final strip for the blue fabric- I just need to iron the strips down so they’re nice and smooth seams- the next step will be cutting out the blocks. Stay tuned!

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