I’m learning to quilt!

10 Sep

As if I didn’t already have enough hobbies, I signed up for a quilting class at The Quilt Scene. I’ve been throwing around the idea of quilting for awhile, and wanted to do it the right way. Although I’m pretty decent at teaching myself things, this was not something I was willing to tackle solo. Our first class was this week.

The class is based around the book Start Quilting. We’re completing a Rail Fence quilt, which follows this general pattern.

I knew that my first quilt was going to be a baby gift to my roommate from my freshman year at the University of Florida, who is due in December, and is having a little girl. The first step to quilting is my favorite- choosing the fabric. That was the easiest thing for me to do- I actually had it chosen months ago, well before I even signed up for the class… fabric is my weakness. The majority of it came from Fabric.com, although some of it was purchased at Joann Fabric. The pattern is based off nine colors for the blocks, so I chose three oranges, three blues (our school colors), and three orangey/yellows. The backing fabric is cream colored with orange, blue, and yellow umbrellas on it.

Step two is the boring part- washing and ironing. There’s evidently this huge debate in the quilting world about whether fabric should be pre-washed or not. Something about the way it crinkles and looks pretty if you don’t pre-wash. I don’t know. But our teacher advised us to pre-wash- perhaps I’ll get crazy on my second quilt and not do it 🙂

I whipped out my handy cutting pad and rotary cutter- way better than scissors- and cut 2.5 inch strips of each fabric- that’s to end up with a 2 inch finished piece, with a quarter inch seam allowance. (Notice I’m watching Bones on my laptop in the background. It’s my favorite craft-time TV)

So now I’m the proud owner of 18 2.5 inch wide strips of fabric. The next step will be the piecing!

It’s also important to meet my crafting assistant, Charlotte…. Till next time!


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